Stewart Alexander

I Weep And Smile For Humanity

All Words and Music By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2017



Images of a once successful fisherman

Caresses the eyes of those who loved him

Seagulls echo the sentiments of all

As they lay him to rest we see his rise and his fall


The lives of some bedridden from being overweight

Sadly teach us that cruelty comes in many forms

Broken from memories of an evil school taunt

To the dark demons that love to still haunt


The pot is empty the cupboards are bare

The walls are parking lots for posters of the rich

Some idolise the inane with such passion

That suicide and life comes in and out of fashion


The humble poet the wasted singer the desperate artist

The dying from created war is a living omen of what’s to come

The Devil mocks God with TV news 24

Gallant but misread most of us see the flaw


But listen up I say with a gentle approach

Love your own lives say I the sun and rain

For it welcomes us to choose to smile and see

Life as a game a play for us to act and be free


Fate death love sex food wine and the stars

So much to clothe ourselves in

Depression brings clarity even in pain

We see ourselves more we are see ourselves again  




Preachers Dance

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2016



When time itself is lost

Dragging sense becomes a chore

For we light the underneath

To find a life worth living for


Caskets of paradise

Dream ashes turn to see old days

In winter, spring they feel the Earth

In oh so many different ways


Preachers dance on the graves of the damned

Hoping that their sins be lost

The underneath show gallows of gods

All praying and hoping at any cost


The black cars tease the old

Please the reaper are you lying

For underneath lay future’s cold

For today’s a day not good for dying


For each of us we find our flaws

That cradle us for we need our sleep

Hiding behind the many doors

To cope with life to smile or weep


Writer’s block has seen the pen

We sense the ground the soil has more

The underneath comes rife again

The soil touches every pore


The river has second thoughts

Changing stream every day

To find that new glimpse

That leave our demons so far away




I Must Inhale

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2016



Calm blue dawn arrives

With sunshine on her skin

My cenotaph writes itself

 Everyday within


Taxi cabs and uniforms

Hide my sense of shame

For no-one ever loved me

Or spoke well of me in name


I breathe this morning light and dark

For I sense it to be stale

My days alone with fantasy

For that I must inhale


One purple legion follows me

From cradle to the grave

For my art my music poetry

 All bleeds to make me slave


I love the girl in paperback

But that shelf is out of reach

Glass does form from heating sand

That glass one day I'll breach


 And other fish takes the hook

Scared I look and find I’ve caught a guitar

But it’s all a game I know

Especially when you run from afar


Jokes and buzzards in vain

Empty and mystical life

I see them dreaming I want to feel

What’s represented as a farmer or his wife




Pockets Of Ash

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2016



The escape continues to rise above

For age still takes his dying wages

Burning light she is genuine crass

From low brow lines to upper-class stages


Ride the backs of the lost I say

Pockets of ash remind him us glory

For even the sinner is dead outside

 While telling us is dull old story


For represent us please I ask the calling

The dark streets are wet smells of death

I hear nothing till my blood is cold

Till my words retire my final breath


Life it seems relics bone and sundry

To the lost womb or make believe ideas

The ice that forms a cold illusion

Melts in the book we tend to read as fears


Pagans and dead Gods once told me

That life is warm but seldom real

I agree with my deleted dreams

For I sense they stick to the saliva touched heel


Evolution in the masses ripe and keen

Whores and Angles both fast

Castle daughters to iron strength

Make up the world the seas the cast


Deliberate the mother mocks us

Pale daps and worn feet

Can isolation be turned

Into mudded sequins on a paved gold street






All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2015



The establishment weakens

Pig-sticker on my door

The eagle lives a free life

Over changes below from sky to floor


To suckle life

To enjoy the nectar and glory

Of circling your demons

With glaciers forming every story


The ivory haze of Heaven

Boldly finds a place for all

Within the field of everlasting glow

The silver meteor passes all that call


You see the parasitic way of modernity

Lasted by the blabbermouth of made up Gods and piety

Ephemeral be the stone angel in the graveyard

Through its connectivity we find our deity


Cotton poison

Ripe vision as a starter

Though my fellow man is a numskull

We all become the martyr


Pale and tired the astronaut retires

His future in doubt the world he shames

He’d seen their peepshow below his feet

But his moth within was scared of the flames


For colour and doomsday love entwined

Controversial I am with the tide

But fire eviscerates my senses

As I run to the trees to the hide




Idolise The Watcher
All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2015



Winter is a fashionable excuse for insanity

I use it in the summer too

My light retires to a good new home

After dragging the dragon and his blood in the dew


Snakes laugh as they go unnoticed in the belfry

Lions tear apart a refugee

Crumbled bridges are seen below our flight

Trying to reach the floor of the free


Even seasick men have their say 

Albeit superfluous and stark

Let the poisons lace my empty glass

But this time thankfully it’s lost in the dark


You see the end is not nigh or even near

For folded light hides with the ghosts

Of all that’s come gone and will do

From the sand the sea the land the coasts


 Universal notes are in a refrain of stale Champagne

Deleted dreams heal our cuts

We tend to ignore what we should listen to the most

The words that slice open slice open our guts


I love the rain in her cascaded veil she soothes

Goodbye seems easier in a storm

But silver reflects a different scene

For those dying dead or freshly born


Idolise the watcher for he sees himself best

Never treated to isolation or haste

We can skin any bone and ignore the screams

For all we want is a different taste




Graffiti In A Lift   
All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2015



Clamber within these salted wounds

Irrefutably speaking I’m a failure to all

Islands mock me in their single ripe

Religious blind men even offer me a call


Perennial waters on the door

Losing gravity in death of kin

Clouded glass pretends to be God

Helping find the lion within


My emotion bleeds upon the hill

Platinum light still far from slow

Can the light of the moon reflect my life

For my swollen nerves are there on show


Lipstick pages my walls in bright red

Bless my family and friends they try

Sun falling climbing down

For my mental hive is drained and dry


For I’m graffiti in a lift

Temperance needed but seems unkind

Paper cuts keep me awake

Masturbate the demons from your mind


See lightening burn and peel my soul

Calling all sisters to repeat a prayer

In hell disrupted by the sun

Polluted rich in ash-filled air


I see them gallop from the window

Wild horses heal my growing tears

Knights in gold fight my corner

But my room is round and my dark adheres





Out Of Body Kites   
All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2015



I’ve never known the century

To not ride upon the backs of slaves

For even a purist loses his lands

That holds his parent’s graves


Let the day break

But it may seem like a stretch to most

To the common gentle side

From the shore the land the sky or coast


Play the upturned Earth

To resonate in the masks of the farming

For the scene of men in silhouette

A riddle drenched in harming


Empty steeples in the courtyard

Gathering winds speak destruction

Prestige is gallant in her trail

But loses to guilt and instruction


Through the presentation of Angels

To the pestilence seeping in the blind river

See reality lucid out of control

For the admiral and slave in the cold both shiver


The diary of the sinner reads

The ghost of the firefly arrived

Our out of body kites they ride

Loping to the sea alight


The dust is visible on the cenotaph

Within the beautiful world we see

Cold lakes and noble swans

They help us to be silk and free






Rescue The Prophet   
All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Thin dogs accompany the tramp on the street

Where rain clouds give a firm hand shake

To the back of his neck, his face his feet

To the harvest of his past that keeps him awake


White lightning screams parallel to the floor

Empty bottles caress once a gentle man

The malaise of his mind enters the black door

Where he reaches to God with his plan


His original after-shave lingers on the concrete

For let the hidden in plain sight roam

Crippled in the cold the warm the heat

He awaits for the tide to take him home


Count the dead reminisce clarity

Treat the poor and kill the putrid stench of power

The embryo that strives to create insanity

For savage mankind still makes us cower


His ash of thoughts dissolve

Lost charcoal stamina on the wall

For the putrid milk of conformity

Surfaces in a century with markings for all


Little does the dropout know he’s in contention

To follow created Gods to the end

Where life he sees without convention

Becomes his saint his wife his friend


Children and a new landscape

Disposable razors round the bath

Rescue the prophets so all these things

Become lost and left on the path







Every Shadow Has A Doubt

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Please the mirror with a patient look

While tramps live slowly to death

Cardboard cut-outs in the classroom

Take our souls with every breath


My years returns to sender

A warm hand gentle on my face

Empty ovens in the bloodstream

They make my art my songs their pace


But last night I was begging

This morning my dignity speaks without voice

My calm behaviour resorts to holding me apart

But in haste spirits takes my choice


Cabinet wallpaper smelling of royal weddings

Stolen charm grown solid in the ground

That cloaks the town the dwelling knife

That we hear with every single sound


Shops and pubs in polystyrene brick

Drenched in tourists saliva and sweat

For every shadow has a doubt

In the sun or hiding in the wet


The ground hums

Orphans daydream normal life I’m sure

Soft cushions blocking their sunlight

For which they seek an open door


Killer bees inside the ghosts

The stars said we’d see some peace

Dimensions in passing by the coast

Laugh at us our shell our fleece





Chalk Drawings

All Words By : Stewart Alexander 
ò Copyrighted 2014



But is haste the spirit ploughs canvas worlds

Unannounced and slightly bed-ridden I try to flee

Sour wine daydreams in rum

I live to be open a bit lost and free


It describes the way my yearns would feel

My youth is about to leave the room

Eloping to the cemetery

See the broken distance the empty tomb


Fire eviscerates the dark 

My muse sobs bloody requiem

Unleashing the mocking bird

How I collapse with treachery in every single word

I am in love 


See the writing on the old chapel wall

In a moment or a mime

You’ll catch the single thought

The midnight sun clears in time


Old habits flying with future birds

Never before I noticed chalk drawings on the sheep

I’m still beating out of sync

But the images are here to keep


But I hurt like a madmen locked up with blood on his mind

Asphyxiate my change

For being free has given me nothing

I am still alone poor and kind

But chronology fades






Soft Innate

All Words By : Stewart Alexander

ò Copyrighted 2014



When you see your shadow has gone

Fallen from peace wondering why

Red linen and the love you seek

Is all you want before you die


Her sleep soft innate

She appears to me in every dream

Let winds not seldom seen or felt

Bring her to my heart upstream


Candlelight reflects her smile

Silk dresses lipstick-marks

Drowning sorrow by the mile

She makes my day alive in sparks


December sunshine on her face

She’s beautiful beyond I’ve caught

Real Gods and Angels bring us close

Closer than I ever thought


For her soft soul hides nothing

Statuesque forever more

My beating heart does seem to fly

To places that I can’t ignore


I always felt it would be nice

To be somebody else for a while

But now I’ve found the deepest light

I no longer fake my smile


Be the naked sparrow in the sun

Make tapestries of days and marks

Hill the cravings with a gentle touch

Overlooking lakes and parks





Myopic Tender

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Glass made from my burning feet in the sand

Holds my figure as I slowly break

The tiger still rides in my veins

But he’s slow he’s had all he can take


Myopic tender beneath my skin

I know self-pity is to man

What wood is to the trees

Both created by themselves both growing in the breeze


Drink and let all those who lay in the snow have grace

Archers strewn the cavalry as they look for a way through

Only the dead see the end of war

But how many days do I have in lieu


Could it be that I am stepping from the rain into the sleet

Both similar in question both aching at my feet

I lament for the my inner-hold

It’s dying laughing out in the cold


Fall-out shelters exist for those clambering

Wanting the reason for life to be clear

But accusations and want

Become lost ships to all that live near


Manipulating climbing to the centre

Let’s go back to the first circle of my place

My thoughts are trees and lumberjacks

They get lost in the charcoal all I see is a trace


A slight smile appears on the glass-stained image of God

He calls it the chase in the sky

Screens appear like magic scenes

Gabriel in arms white direct me as I fly






Pagan Rituals On The Hills At Dawn

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Do we decide the fate of Saints

Exhale reflect their voices

Are they us in faded body robes

That keeps us lost in tribal choices


Pagan rituals on the hills at dawn

Ice-maidens manicure perfect scenes

Warm horses gallop to the child within

As seen through the ages in our dreams


Once in dim fenced schools a day

Children sang songs of golden lives

Now shadow’s dread where catacombs lay

Beside the future’s dying wives


Life’s a bridge to walk over

 Not to build a house on I feel

Silk pampered in our wooden portraits

We see the Earth her life her wheel


Felt and silk pretend inside the maker's wine

Lovers loving strangers from the next of kin

Wherein silver frames of madness dance strangely

In the smoke that rises from where we’ve been


Tasting anxiety in the ropes that bestow them

Vampires in shadows across the floor

Dogs dream in sliding parallels

Little whispers from the rich down to the poor


People by the masses frozen in a their lifestyle

Drag them too their weary feet

Beneath our grounds and ageing sky

They never alter through the cold or heat





Wonderfully Futile

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



The crowd underlines my coffin

As I pass them in the street

I undress from my body

Black horses keep the beat


I see Moon landings and cigarettes

I rest my legs my lungs

In the medicine for middles ages

I hear the sounds of guns


Virgin possessive fiend enriches

The indentation he wants to see

Housing himself in a pure anger

But lost he finds tranquillity


Medicine plural

Hidden sounds in the dying dry sea

Inside the domain of priests

I slide between the lost and free


Hear predicted countless hummers

The element glass enrols

For living in generation capitals

I’ve barely marked Akashic scrolls


In a wooden lifestyle carved

Pale tradition I have the scar

The bottles empty again

It clings to my skin like hot black tar


Little does the opium jostick speak

I see no life these present hours

It’s all wonderfully futile

In the dead broken stamped on flowers





My Body Yearns

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



House my enigmas place my sweat

On the strain that’s raping the land

Billboards elaborating my senses fold

I seek truth sex her lips her hand


Fat and over 40

I’m searching for the moth within

Re-enacting inside my blood

With vodka beer and gin


People in funeral captions

Calumniate properties that eat the soul

As solidity for gold exhausts the country

Blood drips from the fox the gentry the foul


Alone needing only myself to breath

Hiding quietly from the dead population

Stepping on long patience I feel calm

In death’s inoculation


By my defenceless oxygen views

Lust continues to cripple me through

The rains turning to snow

Holding my shivers her scent in view


Saliva on the breasts of made gods

A million passes by glances my worth

Yellow birds on the telephone wire

Caresses the tape that holds also my birth


My glass brakes into a thousand pieces

Night is drinking the summer sun with thirst

My body yearns for her

But I need to meet her first






 In The Skies Of Ethereal

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Slipping away I hear the good days call

They seem to mock me from afar

Humming-bird wings blur my sight

As nature breathes my view through scars


Lines converge around my thought

Created by mundane her endless trials

Life seems rife but caught

In seams that go on for miles


The water levels rise

Universal sand sparks a glass

Drowning in high tide requiems

You see my years do pass


Tin-foil as my shield

I attack the man with the gun

But Heaven forbid he’s firing blanks

Or that his eyes get lost in the sun


Solitude defences

Sold to me in droves by masks

In missionary beliefs it will help

With all I seek and ask


Let water make me ill

Let me be sick on my beautiful days

Let the hold of pain fold

Through orchestral scenes from aching plays


Patrolled by Angels in the skies of ethereal

Crowded with souls and thorns

From the dead to the waiting in line to live

Are cubs kittens babies fawns





Weathered Plights

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Let me have smell taste lust

Dignity wipes the smile of my face

For I’m naked in the sky

As an obvious member of the human race


The mirror teases me

As I try to break down with a word

It sees my past the now the next

In my last songs lost in the herd


I think of all the good things I never did

For my saddened mind redeems

Lost power flows throughout my hours

That makes me cry in dreams


                                                 Where natural-highs elope

With my plighted empty ground

Ghosts float across the evening streets

Looking for places to rest their sound


Soaked in walls within slight light

Swollen shivers play notes whales think of as dead

We see coffins alive in the corner

Of black night towers safe in bed


Weathered plights keep them safe

The night mosquito she smiles

At least my blood enriches life

The walls mould faces that stretch for miles


The sand turns to glass below my feet

On paralysed mornings I see her there

Blurry eyes to confront what will defecate

The mud my skin the blood the air





Dark Passenger

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Carving thoughts follow my steps throughout

Catharsis brought forth by blades

Stop the bleeding right before I die

Wrap me up in silk till it fades


Lime bleeds parole if I am to feed cells

Horse-grounds forgive my intrusion

Miltonia arches rise in adorning home

While rose-plaid creates the illusion


Encrypted residue on the wake of the land

Pension their shine

Silent parades the sulphur of my return

Lips and numb vision eclipses the pine


Teeth seldom lay in thought they just ache

I am in love

Weakened roses gnaw at my fingers

Enlightened skills loom over my glove


Rusty knights ripen my curses fold

Tis but a dark fiend that feels my soul

Red parallel and flight benign

In the toned sea alight by coal


As chronology shades in escapades

Lust continues to ripple through

I will live till the crush of the moment

In all I see want and do


Resting underneath a bridge stoned in

Photographs from my youth

I entered this world splintered with life

To seek love arts sex the truth





Marbled Courts

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



I run to the sea but I’m terrified

Islands mock my attempts from the shore

I ease my hand to touch the water

Through callous annoyances from the core


Healing wounds burn as statues grey

Panic runs wild along the city street

From decades of rain mocking me

Through century marble courts we meet


Infamy beards my face

Mudded sequins they beautifully speak

We are the universal pestilence and mayhem

It’s white casket for my funeral week


Degree inept how can we relate

Pestilence broken fermented cloned

Crashing planes split my reach in half

I was sending my past to be counted and honed


Lullabies wreak havoc on our schools

Save me from the up and coming

I can notice genius in any fool

But it’s clouded by their dumbing


Morphine runs through the drip

Eases tensions the chance is high

That the light is on its way

But there’s another hour before I die


Jade cavaliers precipitate fears

Undulated gentle summer calls

Panic seeps from body as I tender

My wounds that fall like waterfalls





Animated Sound

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



I admire fragility but I hate her grip

She takes me to pure slumber falls

Under hypnosis my mind creates

A dream in which my dying stalls


Yesterday’s negative turns to watch his reprise

Where natural-highs elopes their plighted ground

From within the apathy of fading thought

I’m lost in animated sound


Power flows throughout the hours

Eloquent harmony rises

Carving thoughts follow my steps throughout

Please hive the lost in smaller sizes


Breed the friends that help create your life

My soliloquy is my own rendition

Superficial feels this black façade

Engage in its tradition


A pure soul of requiems reside

Watching me bleed on the floor

Vagabonds are on the rise

Souls re-canvas the skies and shore


Encapsulating the aping of our fellow man

Upturned caskets on fire

Sickness expires self-esteem

For the birds are all dead on the wire


Eternity owns your choices calm

Meet your soul on the way to the dogs

Love turns water into white sand

Creating all the needed made-up Gods





Dynamite & Whisper

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Hiding in eccentricity

Hearts sunk in funeral pyres

Symphonic dialects the worry and suns

Of all my red desires


My history maker always lends

From glamour to my final dust

We are dynamite & whisper

From iron strength to crumbled rust


Expose the morning as a fraud

It only replies to the dark

For I’ve seen my own death

In wildlife the roads the park


I’ve had my own private plane crash

This beautiful child leaves a point

Crush the front pages with your car

With all you choose to leave or anoint


Eat your air before the dust empowers it

Of the stigmatic outward forceful while

Hungry but sweating faces indecency

Tyranny menus the girl with the smile


I feel the presence of ghosts on white horses

In my drunken future already mapped

Cherry trees control the strong winds

In which I feel lost and trapped


Pandemonium requiem begins to squeeze

Play with the weak the shunned the kind

Drip-feed metaphors on the high

For age is an echo of my mind






All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Youth is thunder it hides in miles

Plagiarising contests of the storm

 Unnatural colour subdued and caught

The oxygen refined and warm

Gentle meeting with anarchy personne

 Active duress on circled herds

My friend plies away my worst biennial days

Take the sun and wash its words

Serendipity closes down on me

Where beyond her fringes pain

I see a smiling fox through ages

Of the gently warm insane

House warming in winter

She takes the knife that stabbed him

Licks the blood with her wanted tongue

She yearns to be with him in his black silence

Mayhem keeps up in its guise

Within a blunted violin

Travel to the next reprise

To change the flavoured darkening gin

Sequins on the parachute

Charisma forte astound

Friends in empty pockets lie

I feel the ship the turn the hound

Feel away the burning flute

The music kill the devil

Enigmas drown the countryside

Fallen Angels on the level





Paralysed Minds

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Fantasy elope to dry the demand

The light can never catch the muse

I create a pink illumine

My fear becomes the fuse


Temptations I’m beside

Docile endless lost deformed

Fallen deserts drench again

For I am lost in the cold performed


Disappointed requiems concise

All the middle highs

Wisdom condemned reacts

Wet Wednesday’s on the rise


I slept in paralysed minds

Holding after-life and sin

Alcohol senses my loneliness

She parades with a grin


I’m sitting on a mountain top

With a shotgun in my hand

I’m waiting for the red rose

And her blood to the sand


An eagle with a flake of flesh

Flies by an ancient marking

As I see the glory of

The rains perfected parking


Like dust on silverware

Starting to reign starting to bare

The devil’s an alcoholic

Keeping me busy helpless fair





A Gentle Slave To Calming

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



I whisper steps in auditoriums

Drive by lakeside provinces in a hum

Words are white swollen guitar-strings in the bin

Where I feel the tender the moon the sun


Jump-start early morning sunshine

Poetry clears her throat from smoke

My thoughts they’re blackened by trees and lumber-jacks

Please someone save me as I choke


 Sophisticated dirt cleansing my depression

I’m running the hurt from my face

I die I free wet gold into the realm

While bullets smile and pass me at pace


Stepping on long patience glamour to my final dust

In my portrait hides a smile lost in last reprise

Listing like a watered ship broken bottles captured

The last poetic look in my sullen eyes


Falling with proverbial stars I’ve become what I hate the most

A gentle slave to calming

Sapphired thoughts running through my veins

I live in alienation open to the harming


A castle made of sand crumbles in my hand

I hear the weeping high

The day turns to stray away from the cold

To a warmer smoother silent sigh


Missing windows tend to crash on the inside

Heat and dry skin still plague me in willow

Wine is morbid delightfully dead

For sick dreams from my sweat keep staining my pillow





Tattooed Thighs In Birth

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



The homeless want a refund

To edge away the razor blades

Ghosts on white horses drag

Unfinished pain that never fades


Moulded robes around their days

Sticking to the aching dull

Wasted water soaking hours

Masturbating in the lull


They need fragrance on their skin

Feeding thirsts through lipstick-rain

Black coffins in the snow take them

For they die indignant left in shame


Patience and disgust

I see our thoughts with her neglect

Crying cadences in tune

Our staunch compare remains erect


Soft cushions wrap their souls

Idolised we see it all

Note books and vodka shots

Written on the broken wall


Tattooed thighs in birth

A child’s canvas created

Blood of the mother stains

Our tempers flare in what’s debated


Places mud the stones they soak

From Windermere to Clandestine

God’s a figure they must create

For they suffered in his valentine





O’ Moon Solid Water

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Inference recalls

Fawns barrier my romance in poacher’s blood

Swollen life red walls

Seeps a splinter doubting the flood


Through the wine mountain

Cradled in insipid graves

I yearn Baptism of prescient

For Knighted are the funeral slaves


Outcast and pretend

Your God awaits inside a yard

Measured class and self-denial

Your single life becomes the shard


Cease memory cease to be

O’ moon and solid water

Where I’m scarlet warm and alone

She is the devil’s daughter


To vex he stumbles over

Mercury seems so close at hand

In a void and dying

He cannot smile he cannot stand


Illusion of life scraped unturned

Wild stale endure wild create

White candles melt my window-sill

The midnight walls illuminate


Children milk the river

The wallpaper mocks me like a child

Carpets of wasted-thin cherubs

 Keeps my line of salt so wild





Nil By Mouth

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Fuck dread and filed requiems

I adore the idea of death

Into the paths of wasted prophets

My skin so sore it takes my breath


I hate my reflection

Aching to make my days a little more

Trawled and beaten

I see the wake from the shore


Fragrant but undelivered

The future may sense white light

I become a sullen ghost

The diving-bell comes at night


My life for the weak in its tomb

My red cellotaped present sky

I don't want uniforms and paragraphs

I want to hum trade then die


I’m only 18 with a video of suffering

Consequences as parasites loot

Inducing amnesia centrefold

Red lipstick stains my jump-suit


Impetuous return impetuous I yearn

Ignoring the banister’s holding mould

Bikini barristers wearing the sex

Of this discipline in black I hold


Nil by mouth

Pile it all into my drip with force

Even a dog gets to lay in the sun

We have our day but it’s never on course





Sunburn & Whores

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



It’s raining severe sunburn and whores

I cannot endue

Slender be the king in his palace of fat admirals

Effervescent in his queue


Grey houses parade wet tar streets

To clamber dread from any stray

Following soil as it shadows our dead

Caskets on tables are ready to play


Abrasive content becomes the mark

My mind redeems ideas spent

The long notes that echo

The tales of woe from Heaven sent


Screaming love from a cenotaph

Flight of unseen my bones corrupt and so

Wonderful piano allure

The pain inside still with foams so slow


Hunted like fragile children

Pestilence and greed grows in traps

Spilled acid on the faces of human evolution

Spirit guides with ethereal maps


Little Angles in retrospective

Dearest tyrants lost in my soul

Will I die at the very last show

Will my life stay black as coal


Blood drips from the feast at the table

My rapid eye movement turns to slow thunder

Feed the dying crowds clear the boardwalk

I am the intolerable neat and slumber





Dead Flies

All Words By : Stewart Alexander
ò Copyrighted 2014



Christen my week with another

As the light inside evades

We’re all slaves to ourselves

Though we never see it fade


Soft ponchos and black shoes live in unison

White floorboards I’ve won

You dress in wire to find everlasting shocks

As it all turns to silk in the sun


Fragrance seeps from hiding boxes

Emptying quickly over prime

Open heaven for evil saints

Sweet volcanoes erupt in time


Dribbling over towns

The devil on a package tour

Aggression in the dark

He becomes the death and cure


After the saints dying admission

They die with smiles upon their faces

Dead flies on the windowsill

Holding their shadows and their traces


Gang raped emotion

As kids die on the street

Lunatics around the circle

They are blooded murdered sheets


Self-pity on the dusty carpet

See lost tombs inside my head

Open easing flowing in the motion

In the fields that I once said